Grease Trap Services

Grease traps are often put to the bottom of the priority list for busy business owners but a professionally run kitchen efficiently manages its residuals. Organic Resource understands the importance of superior customer service and regularly scheduled grease trap collection and maintenance.


  • learn-about-our-custom-built-grease-traps2Highly trained technicians provide regularly scheduled pumping and cleaning 24 / 7
  • Regularly scheduled service helps prevent against overflows and blockages
  • Grease traps custom built, installed and repaired


  • Sophisticated logistic software to record detailed service reports
  • Electronic billing and historical reporting for transparency and by-law compliance

Environmental Advantage

  • All residuals are transported to approved processing and recycling facilities
  • Processed residuals are used in anaerobic digestors to generate renewable biogas energy and a nutrient-rich soil supplement