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Waste Water Pre-Treatment Residuals

Our expertly trained service technicians use specialized, modern, high-powered vacuum equipment to manage food and beverage wastewater treatment residuals.

As a food or beverage processing facility/operator, you are constantly challenged with managing wastewater effluent quality to meet sewer use bylaw limits. Failure to meet these limits results in significant surcharges and/or penalties being levied. We have years of experience managing residuals from wastewater pre-treatment. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems, centrifuges, filter presses, etc. all create organic residuals (sludges) that must be properly handled, transported and disposed.



Here's how we can help:
  • Handling

    Our technical staff can assist with the design and installation of residuals storage and dewatering facilities that maximize both dewatering and handling efficiencies; which equates to lower costs to you. 
  • Transportation

    We operate the largest capacity vacuum equipped vehicles permitted by law, and are therefore able to transport the largest possible load size in the most economical manner; which again equates to lower costs to you.  
  • Disposal/Recycling

    Collected organic residuals are eithet processed at ORMI facilities to remove excess water and inorganic waste, or delivered directoy to ORMI's network of strategically located recycling facilities, including Adaerobic Digesters for Biogas Renewable Energy production or Composting.  ORMI always ensures that your residuas are processed at an approved facility, at the lowest possible cost.


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