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    ORMI is an organics recycling pioneer; providing liquid residuals collection services to the food industries sector for over 20 years.  Proprietary, automated GIS routing software coupled with wireless hand-held work-order, invoicing and data collection capabilities allows ORMI to deliver cost-effective service, optimized to meet individual customer needs. 

    The company’s patent-protected ORRS system allows food waste generators to bulk densify solid organics by converting them to liquid slurries that are more efficient to store and transport by vacuum truck. 

    Collected organic residuals are processed at ORMI facilities to remove excess water and inorganic waste.  Strategically located processing facilities allow ORMI to clean, concentrate and blend residuals to ensure a relatively consistent, high-energy AD feedstock.

    ORRS simplifies source separation of organics for the generator, optimizes organic residuals for use as feedstock and expands the geographic catchment/market area for an Anaerobic Digester.



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