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Camera Inspection and Locating

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Our expertly trained service technicians use specialized, state-of-the-art closed circuit television equipment and radio transmitter technology to view inside drain and sewer pipes to identify and precisely pinpoint problems.

This diagnostic capability is invaluable when faced with serious or challenging drain situations. Camera inspection facilitates the troubleshooting of repeat blockage issues such as collapsed pipes, root intrusions or dips/sumps in drain lines. The locating capability eliminates guesswork that can often lead to extremely
costly mistakes if excavation is required.



camera inspectionThe camera inspection and locating system is comprised of a miniaturized closed circuit television camera, a radio transmitter and an infrared or white LED lighting system, all attached to one end of a steel sewer cable. The camera is inserted into a drain or sewer line. The lighting system illuminates the inside of the pipe and the CCTV transmits the picture to a TV monitor where it can be viewed and recorded if desired. The radio transmitter sends a signal to a handheld receiver, allowing the technician to precisely pinpoint the position and depth of the transmitter. Used in combination, these tools provide the user a visual picture of any problems in the drainage system as well as the precise position.


 camera inspectionUses:

  • Pipeline locating
  • Identifying & locating root intrusion
  • Identifying & locating damaged pipes
  • Identifying & locating dips & humps
  • Identifying & locating infiltration/inflow
  • Identifying & locating illegal connections
  • Inspecting quality of new drainage system construction
  • Identifying & locating blockage causes
  • Performing sewer and drainage system evaluations and inspections


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