About Us

Company Overview

Organic Resource provides grease trap cleaning, maintenance and installation services throughout Canada and is a pioneer in organics recycling. We have provided grease, used cooking oil and liquid residuals collection services to the food industries sector for over 25 years. We deliver an optimized service to meet individual customer needs supported by our exclusive GPS routing software coupled with wireless handheld capabilities.


On December 14, 2012 Organic Resource (formerly Organic Resource Management Inc.) became part of Walker Environmental Group, a division of Walker Industries.


Walker Environmental Group is a full service environmental solutions provider. We use proven technologies to develop and operate infrastructure that helps our customers reduce their environmental impacts, improve energy efficiency and achieve higher environmental performance. We apply the "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" hierarchy to minimize waste generation and return resources to productive use wherever possible.   Our diverse range of services gives us the ability to enhance the environment by providing sustainable solutions.


To learn more about Walker Environmental Group visit www.walkerind.com/walker-environmental-group/index.html