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Drains and sewers are used to convey wastewater from its source to a wastewater treatment system. A drain is the piping that connects a plumbing fixture such as a sink, washbasin, toilet, grease interceptor, etc., to the main building drain. A building drain collects all drains in a building and is connected to a sewer. The sewer collects building drains and is connected to a wastewater treatment facility. Drains are inside buildings and sewers are outside.

Drains and sewers are susceptible to blockages from many causes. Blockages can:

  • cause serious damages from flooding
  • pose serious health risk to those affected; and
  • cause loss of businesses due to operational down-time

As an owner/operator of drains and sewers, you are responsible for their proper use and maintenance. You are also liable for loss and damages caused by blockages, both to your own property and the property of others that are affected.

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