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Blockages occur in two ways. They are:

  1. Instantaneous; resulting from an event such as vandalism or an inappropriate item being discharged into the drainage system, and

  2. Build-up over time; resulting from constant build-up of undesirable material in the drainage system, eventually causing blockage.


Build-up can occur for many reasons:

seasnake colapsed

  • High concentrations of grease in waste water
  • Improper/inadequate grease interceptor maintenance
  • Improperly sized or installed grease interceptor
  • Lack of grease interceptors (typical in residential)
  • Use of chemicals or emulsifying agents that temporarily "liquefy" grease and allow it to re-solidify downstream
  • High discharge concentrations of hair
  • Insufficient/wrong slope in drain piping
  • Improper drain piping connections, such as poor or cracked grouting in clay piping (caused by installation deficiencies or developments over time)
  • Intrusion into the drainage system (such as roots)
  • Porous or rusted drainage piping (i.e. cast iron, or clay - usually older)
  • Use of food grinders or "pulpers"

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