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The resources on this page will provide a better understanding of the drivers of the organic residuals recycling industry. 


Grease Interceptors

Orange County FOG Control Study Phase I

Download (pdf - 3mb)


Orange County FOG Control Study Phase II

Download (pdf - 4mb)


This two phase study conducted on behalf of Orange County California provides Building Blocks in developing FOG control strategies for minimizing FOG discharges to the sewer system. Phase I is a research study that evaluates the current FOG control practices, technologies, and programs in the United States. Phase II of the study involves field-testing of selected FOG control technologies presented in Phase I and evaluating them for adoption in local FOG control programs and ordinances. 



Report to Congress

Impacts and Control of CSOs and SSOs

US Environmental Protection Agency


The US EPA innitiative that mandates sewer system operators to take remedial actions to protect sewer systems from potential blockages and the resulting overflows, including mandating grease iterceptors and their maintenance.  

Download Executive Summary (pdf - 1.7mb)

Download Fact Sheet (pdf - 15k)

Click Here for a link to the complete report.  


From Leftovers to Lights®

Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas Renewable Energy




Biogas Nord

Biogas Renewable Energy in Wisconsin

Link to Biogas Nord Website Video

Vermont Cow-Power                                                     Ontario Ministry of Agriculture - Biogas 

Biogas Renewable Energy in Vermont                             Launching the Biogas industry in Ontario

Download (wmv - 16mb)                                                  Download (wmv - 41mb)             

Cow Power Website 


Cave Brothers Dairy Farm                                             Virtual Biogas Plant Tour

NBC Nightly News segment called, "Making                     With permission of BioConstruct Gesellschaft
a Difference" about converting cow manure                    Download (wmv - 24mb)
into electricity to power the Cave Brother's                   
farm and cheese factory.

Link to the Cave Brothers Website Video




Powering Ontario Communities
Proposed Policy for Projects up to 10MW

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)


Study outlining policy options to encourage small or community-owned renewable energy generation in Ontario.  Prepared by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association for the Ontario Ministry of Energy
May 2005

Download (pdf - 2mb)



Electricity Supply in Ontario
The Potential Contribution of Agricultural Biogas Digesters

Nicole Foss and William Kemp


Download (pdf - 600k)


British Columbia Biogas Study
Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digester and Gas Processing
Facility in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Prepared for:
BC BioProducts Association

Prepared by:
Electrigaz Technologies Inc.

Download (pdf - 1.6mb)


The elorin Bioenergy Feasibility Study
Anaerobic Digestion for Bioelectricity Production

Goodfellow Agricola Consultants Inc.


The Eastern Lake Ontario Regional Innovation Network commissioned BioEnergy Feasibility Study addressing the potential for biomass-to-electricity projects in Eastern Ontario to take advantage of the OPA SOP.

Download (pdf - 700k)


Smart Generation -- Powering Ontario With Renewable Energy

David Suzuki Foudation

Download (pdf - 2mb)


Standard Offer Program - Renewable Energy For Small Electricity Generators
An Introductory Guide

Ontario Power Authority  

Download (pdf - 1mb)


BIOGAS - Renewabel Energy From Organic Waste

Information document produced by the Swedish Biogas Association

Download (pdf - 2mb)


Centralized Biogas Plants
Integrated Energy Production, Waste Treatment and Nutrient Redistribution Facilities

Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Economics, 1999

Download (pdf - 2mb)