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Our expertly trained service technicians use specialized, modern, high-powered vacuum and pressure cleaning equipment to perform sump station cleaning services. We completely empty and clean the pits, and clean and test the pumps where required. No job is too large, too small or too complex. We are fully insured as well as workplace health and safety compliant.

Our proprietary waste processing and recycling capability, coupled with our network of third-party recycling/disposal options, ensures that your waste will always be processed at an approved facility, at the lowest possible cost.

Sump station cleaning can be provided in our Clean-Flo preventative maintenance program for the lowest-cost, piece of mind service.


Our service is tailored to your needs, and can consist of:

  • Scheduled, “on-call” or 24/7 emergency service options
  • Optional “just-in-time” service scheduling
  • Dispatch and routing performed utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art map based software to minimize travel times, ensure precise jobsite arrival times and minimize costs
  • Pressure-wash capabilities
  • Waste removal and disposal at appropriately approved disposal or recycling facilities
  • Various appropriately sized and equipped vacuum and pressure wash trucks available for any size cleaning situation
  • “Super-Vac” and deep-lift high capacity vacuum trucks available for extreme situations
  • Low profile vacuum trucks for underground garage entry and service
  • We are fully insured, as well as workplace health and safety compliant



Additional Information:

Sump pumps are used in locations where building drains are below sewer grade. Their purpose is to pump the sewage or storm water up to the sewer level where gravity flow can take over.

Lift stations are used in locations where sewers must transverse an elevation change and normal gravity flow will not work. Lift stations use siphons and/or pumps to lift sewage flows to different elevations.

Fats, oils, grease, and debris collects in the lift/sump station. Excessive amounts of these materials can cause pumps and/or pump switches, or pipes to become clogged thereby incapacitating the lift/sump station. If the lift/sump station is incapacitated, floods caused by drain backups and/or overflows can occur. Costly pump damages can also occur.



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