Board of Directors

Charles H. Buehler
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Buehler is a true entrepreneur. Since the age of 17, Mr. Buehler has owned and operated a number of private companies. He founded Organic Resource Management Inc. in 1985 and with it pioneered the organic and non-hazardous liquid waste industry in Canada. Mr. Buehler was directly responsible for the development of two patented organic recycling technologies and the Company’s sophisticated GIS logistics management software. He has gained extensive knowledge of organic waste treatment technologies and practices in both North America and Europe, including anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas renewable energy.


Matthew Gaasenbeek
Lead Director

Mr. Gaasenbeek has over 35 years experience in the investment banking industry both in North America and Europe. He was Chairman of Northern Crown Capital (Since Nov. 1983); past Chairman, Ontario Development Corporation; former President of Camreco Inc. and former Senior Vice President and Director of Midland Doherty Limited. In addition, Mr. Gaasenbeek is active in a number of environmental organizations and is past president of the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI).


Frank Facto

Over 20 years experience in the Human Resources and Procurement professions; currently, Senior Human Resources Consultant for The City of Toronto. Former President and director of the Toronto Municipal Credit Union.


Martin Fallick

Director of: Canadian Sales Agency Limited (since Feb. 1986), Monterey Transportation Limited (since Aug. 1986), Allied International Marketing Inc. (since Dec. 1997); former: President, Fairway Canadian Express, Vice President Sales, Direct Transport (1983-1986), Canadian General Sales Manager, Canadian Pacific Express; over 45 years of experience in all modes of transportation and storage throughout North America, Asia and Europe.


Gary Kain

Mr. Kain founded Regional Cablesystems Inc. in 1988 and was its CEO and Chairman of the Board until it was sold in 2004. From 1984 until 1988, Mr. Kain was with Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. (Cancom) where he held the positions of VP Finance, CFO and then COO. Mr.Kain obtained a BA and a MBA from McMaster University; he is a CA and has a CBV designation. He is, or has been, a member of the board of directors of McMaster University, Sheridan College, Oakville Hydro Ltd., Cable Bahamas Ltd., and The Community Foundation of Oakville.